What CABA can do

CABA wishes to be as helpful as possible and to support as many colleagues who qualify and are able to prove need.

So that CABA can do this the following basic principles apply:

A * or ** Agent or Dependant of a * or ** Agent qualifying up to 2009 who worked, or is still working for the Conservative Party. For regular support, an income of less than £12,000 for a single person or £15,00 for a couple and in both cases savings of less than £23,000. 

Application should be made the Hon Secretary by phone, email or letter in the first instance. You will then be advised if you are likely to qualify for support and advised how best to proceed.

Additionally CABA considers one off grants for specific items. Some people get a regular monthly grant and all of the additional items below. Others may qualify just for some of the items below.

  • Summer Seasonal Grant: £500 for a single person and £1,000 for a couple paid automatically, in June.
  • Heating Grant: a total of £900 paid as two equal instalments in November and February.
  • Winter Seasonal Grant: is paid in November being £700 for a single person and £970 for a couple.
  • TV Licence: The cost for those under 75 is paid once a year in February until/if the law changes, subject to the government review of the BBC Licence Fee.
  • Telephone, Broadband and Newspaper Voucher Bills: these vary considerably, can change annually, and amounts vary according to the payment method by individuals. Applicants send one bill, from which the annual payments are calculated. Call charges are not paid.

Special Requests for Additional Grants

In order to speed up the purchase of items needed quickly the following items and maximum payments apply subject to quotes reported to the next meeting of the Managing Trustees.  

  • Hearing Aids: up to £3,000 for 2 ears.
  • Spectacles: particularly very special prescriptions: up to £300 per pair.Designer frames are not included.
  • Low Vision Aids: would be supported subject to quotes.
  • Mobility Equipment: Stair Lifts, mobility scooters grab rails and similar aids subject to quote and difficulty of installation. The installation of Stair Lifts, outright cost or rental can be met.
  • Mobility scooters, outright costs or rental can be met.
  • Call Alarms: CABA recommends a call alarm but individual choice would be respected. Running costs if applicable are paid. We strongly recommend call alarms for safety reasons

The Committee considers applications for white goods,household repairs and other specific requests on an individual basis from regular Beneficiaries and on a one-off basis.

No expenditure should be incurred until CABA has confirmed reimbursment will be made.

CABA regrets that it can not pay for or contribute to Nursing Home Fees, nor will it make loans.