About CABA

The Conservative Agents’ Benevolent Association is a registered charity for serving and retired Conservative Party agents and their dependants.

The Association is a registered charity, number 216438.

The Conservative Agents’ Benevolent Association was founded in 1892 by R.W.E. Middleton, then Principal Agent for the Party.

The Association is established for the benevolent purpose of affording assistance by donations, grants or otherwise to deserving persons holding office as an Agent or who formerly served as an Agent and who are or have been full or Associate members of the National Society of Conservative and Unionist Agents, and their dependants and the dependants of such deceased Members of the Society.

CABA is not a part of the Conservative Party. It is stand alone Registered Charity for individuals who work or have worked for the Conservative Party and who have a specific qualification as a * or ** Qualified Agent, who passed exams under the auspices of the National Society of Conservative and Unionist Agents. That will remain unchanged. The needs of beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries are determined by the Managing Trustees of the Charity. There are close informal bonds with the Party built up over many years.

CABA regrets that the Association is unable to provide support to serving or retired Conservative Party Staff who are not qualified Agents or to any members of the public who do not fit with the objects of the Constitution as set out above.